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Supplement For Horse That Drops Off During Summer

  • by Bec
  • 1 min read

Hello. I was hoping maybe you have more experience than I do in these products.
I’m from the US and the mare had been infected with leptospirosis and treated with antibiotics. Since the vets don’t have any clue on what to give her to boost her during hot summer months, in show season during winter she’s exploding, summer she’s far from her top form and runs out of energy. Had blood tests all done normal a little low white cells ; red normal but on low side. Hope you might have some info so I could choose better and order.

Thank you for your inquiry.

As the vets seem to be unable to find a specific underlying cause or clear cut reason for the lack of energy during the summer months I think you should look at giving something to boost the energy levels, try to increase the red blood cells and something with essential vitamins and minerals.

I would suggest trying VAM Paste or VAM Injection or Hemoplex Paste or Injection, and following the dosage instructions on the bottle. Both of these would help with maintaining good healthy blood counts, increase appetite and provide essential nutrients.

As your horse seems to me dropping off in condition and lacking energy during the hot summer months I would also suggest trying an electrolyte. We have a number of electrolytes available that will help replenish the body after strenuous exercise, sweating, transport or stress.

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