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Tick Season Is Here!

If you thought fleas were the only creepy crawly to worry about on your pets, you might need to think again. Many areas in Australia also have to contend with ticks and in some of those areas the paralysis tick is a very real threat to your pets life. We have compiled a few handy tips for you on how to keep your pets tick free.

Tick comparison. Image courtesy DPI Qld.

5  Tips to Protect Your Pet Against Ticks

  • Invest in the best quality flea/tick treatment you can afford. Some of the spot-on products may seem  expensive but their protection and ease of use is by far superior to most other treatments.
  • Tick collars such as Kiltix can be a good economical option for outside dogs.
  • In tick prone areas, search your pets coat and skin daily. It’s actually easier to feel ticks than it is to see them.  Tools such as the Tick Twister are excellent in aiding tick removal.
  • Try and avoid the tick habitat during tick season (ie bush, long overgrown areas). Keep lawns and shrubs short.
  • If a Paralysis Tick is found on your pet contact your vet immediately even if you have already removed the tick.

Our friends at Merial (the manufacturers of Frontline and Frontline Plus) have produced this nice little brochure which includes more specific details on the Paralysis tick, including how to identify them from other ticks.

Link to brochure (pdf format): Paralysis Ticks – Prevention for your Pet

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