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Training Your Dog With The Husher

  • by Bec
  • 2 min read

To get your dog comfortable with wearing the Husher, leave it on for two minutes, remove it and then repeat several times. Increase the time and frequency that the dog is wearing the Husher gradually, until the dog accepts wearing the training aid. Once your dog is relaxed about wearing the Husher, you can begin to train and modify their unwanted behaviour.

Teach your dog a moderate verbal “Hush” command when wearing the Husher and displaying unwanted behaviour. If you find that you dog continues to bark or struggle whilst wearing the Husher, then try distracting your pet during the process by either playing with them or taking them for a walk.

Don’t forget to praise and reward your pet when it behaves properly. Positive reinforcement is a good thing.

Handy Tips
Dogs will vary in the time it takes them to get used to wearing the Husher. Make the experience of wearing the Husher a positive one and your dog will accept the training aid easily. Try some of the following tips:

  • Get your dog used to the Husher gradually. Put the Husher over your dog’s nose and give your dog a treat. Take the Husher off again and then put it back on, fasten it and leave for a few seconds. Reward your dog and take it off again.
  • For those dogs that are reluctant to wear the Husher, put it on the floor and allow your dog to sniff at it, but not to chew or bite at it. Put a treat on top of the Husher and your dog will associate the elastic training aid with a pleasant experience. Do this several times before attempting to fit the Husher on your dog.
  • Gradually extend the time that your dog wears the Husher. Make wearing the training aid a positive experience for your pet. Try feeding your dog, giving your dog a treat or taking your dog for a walk while they are wearing the Husher.
  • If your dog attempts to take the Husher off, distract your dog by asking your dog to walk, sit or perform another activity. Reward your dog with treats, pats or praise when your dog leaves the training aid on without complaint.
  • If your dog continually manages to take the Husher off, you may need to tighten the strap or consider a different size training aid.
  • Be prepared to devote anything from a few minutes to a couple of weeks to achieve your dog’s acceptance of the Husher.



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