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Why Sticks Are A Bad Idea for Dogs

Dogs love playing with sticks (and many dog owners love throwing sticks for their canine companions). However, the injury risk to your dog is very real. In this video our veterinarian Dr Glenn discuss just what those risks are, as well as details a recent case he had in his clinic (with pictures) where a dog is very lucky to be alive after his wrangle with a stick.

There are loads of chew and stick type toys available, made from a variety of different materials. You may need to experiment a little to find one that your dog finds appealing. Like all toys they should be used with supervision and no toy is indestructible.

To keep your dog interested in the toy you purchase, we recommend removing it after you have finished a play session with your dog. If you leave it out for your dog all of the time they will likely become disinterested in it. Having a few toys that you can rotate between is also a good idea and be sure to end the game while your dog is still having fun and before they get bored with it.

Please ditch the sticks and although your (or your friend’s) dog might persistently keep dropping that bit of stick at your feet for you to throw, the best thing you can do for them is to throw it in the bin (or into your compost heap).

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