Busy Buddy Twist N Treat

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3 Reviews

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3 reviews


For the dog that needs more of a challenge!


From Queensland Australia

My Lab can empty a Kong Wobbler so quickly, however the Busy Buddy is more of a challange for her. It occupies her when I go out.

Easy for dogs to learn


From Melbourne, Australia

This product is great as it is easy for the dog to work out. I can then increase the difficulty level by winding it down tighter and adding a higher value treat. The dog is kept busy for a long time with this toy, and nothing in the house gets destroyed.

excellent versatile brain teaser

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From Melbourne Vic

My 3 year old Stafford has found a way to get all the treats out of all the hide a treat toys he has. This twist and treat will give him some stuff but he struggles for hours to get the bigger treats out. Mince , pigs ear bits , big lumps of meat, dry food ,all these things work in it It seems to be surviving the savage beating it gets Its his deliciously frustrating flying saucer