Busy Buddy Twist N Treat

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The Twist 'n Treat™ is the first and only two piece adjustable rubber treat dispensing toy. The adjustable opening allows the Twist 'n Treat to be filled with a variety of treats and can be twisted wider for easier acess to treats or tighter for longer play time and to suit the interest and ability of the dog. Use it to play games with your dog, adjusting to suit the interest and ability of your dog. Product Features: * First and only two piece adjustable treat dispensing toy. * Made from durable natural rubber * Adjustable to suit the ability and interest of the dog. * Toy unscrews to load fresh treats and to clean. * Available in 4 sizes. SIZES: Extra Small: for dogs up to 4.5 kg Small: for dogs 4.5 kg to 9 kg Medium: for dogs 9 kg to 22 kg Large: for dogs over 22 kg

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3 reviews


For the dog that needs more of a challenge!


From Queensland Australia

My Lab can empty a Kong Wobbler so quickly, however the Busy Buddy is more of a challange for her. It occupies her when I go out.

Easy for dogs to learn


From Melbourne, Australia

This product is great as it is easy for the dog to work out. I can then increase the difficulty level by winding it down tighter and adding a higher value treat. The dog is kept busy for a long time with this toy, and nothing in the house gets destroyed.

excellent versatile brain teaser

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From Melbourne Vic

My 3 year old Stafford has found a way to get all the treats out of all the hide a treat toys he has. This twist and treat will give him some stuff but he struggles for hours to get the bigger treats out. Mince , pigs ear bits , big lumps of meat, dry food ,all these things work in it It seems to be surviving the savage beating it gets Its his deliciously frustrating flying saucer