FuzzYard Naturals Aromatherapy Mist 120mL



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FuzzYard Naturals Aromatherapy Mists feature unique blends of organic extracts and essential oils to promote your pet's well being. Simply spray the fine mist around the house, on your dog's bed, on furniture or directly on your dog. Available in "Uplifting"; "Soothing"; "Calming"; "Refreshing"; Each spray offers a different aromatherapy based benefit. Suitable for everyday use. Made in Australia Size: 120mL Uplifting Try our citrusy combination of Orange and Bergamot essential oils designed to elevate your dog's mood. It's a brilliant pick-me-up for any dog during the dreary winter months or hot summer season. Calming A calming combination of Lavender and Cedarwood essential oils create a tranquil environment for the overactive member of the family. It's ideal before bed or prior to long road trips. Soothing Ease physical and behavioural irritations with our blend of Aloe Vera and Lavender essential oils. It's ideal for dogs that become anxious when separated from their owners. Refreshing Refresh and revive a tired dog with our invigorating blend drawing on the stimulant and anti-fatigue benefits of Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils. S

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1 review


FuzzYard Naturals Aromatherapy Mist 120mL


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Love the scent but it doesn't last very long on my pet. It last longer on fabrics, so I've been spraying it to her bed instead on her.