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KONG Genius Leo dog toys are a dumbell shape and are stuffable with any KONG Stuff'N dog treats. Or, fill with food and use as an engaging mealtime feeder. The shapes can be interconnected to create new configurations for added challenge. These chew toys are great for helping to combat boredom and separation anxiety. They can be stuffed with chew treats to be used as treat-dispensing toys on their own or connected together for an increased challenge. These tough dog toys come in two different shapes, the Leo and the Mike, and work perfectly as puppy toys or adult dog toys. Made in the USA of a durable, non-toxic, FDA food-approved TPR material, these toys are perfect for average chewers. Dishwasher safe. SIZES: Small (14cm); Large (17cm);  

COLOURS: Assorted bright colours. Please let us choose for you.

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Kong Genius Leo


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Easily destroyed. I would suggest buying the next size up in relation to what you think your dog needs. Ours didn't last an hour, but it was definitely very entertaining. Would buy (the bigger size) again.