NexGard Chews for XLarge Dogs 25.1-50kg

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There’s now a simple solution to flea, mite and tick protection for dogs. NEXGARD® is the first tasty beef-flavoured chew that kills fleas, controls mites AND kills ticks, including deadly paralysis ticks for a full month. Protecting your dog from these dangerous parasites is now as simple as giving your dog one chew, once a month. Fleas and ticks are a nuisance to our dogs. Fleas and mites can cause skin irritation, while ticks can result in severe illness and even death. There’s now a simple solution to flea, mite and tick protection for dogs. A monthly treat your dog will love, NEXGARD® won’t wash off when your dog goes swimming or is bathed. NEXGARD® doesn’t just kill fleas, it also kills deadly ticks which is important for people who live in paralysis tick areas or travel with their dogs to high-risk tick locations. NEXGARD® can be given to puppies from 8 weeks of age and >2kgs in weight, with or without food. Can I use other medications such as heartworm preventatives while using Nexgard? There are no known drug interactions when using here are no known drug interactions when using NEXGARD® for flea and tick control. How does Nexgard compare to other products on the market? FIRST OF ITS KIND! * NEXGARD® rapidly kills fleas and kills paralysis ticks for a full month * NEXGARD® treats and controls demodectic mange, sarcoptic mange and ear mite infestations. * NEXGARD’S simple monthly dosing ensures an easy-to-remember treatment regimen which may help drive compliance. * NEXGARD® is a tasty beef-flavoured chew (not a tablet) and can be given with or without food. * In a field study, Comfortis-treated dogs had a 3x higher incidence of vomiting compared to Nexgard-treated dogs. * There is no concern using NEXGARD for dogs in shared dog/cat households. * Regular swimming or frequent bathing does not impact the effectiveness of NEXGARD. * Safe for puppies as young as 8 weeks and more than 2kg. * Robust Australian Study Data supports label claims. Can Nexgard be given to cats? NEXGARD® is registered for use in dogs only. SIZE: XLarge dogs. 25.1kg - 50kg PACK SIZE: 3 pack; 6 pack 

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13 reviews


I will continue to purchase NexGard


From Mid North Coast NSW

Very good product.Dogs like the taste.I like the fact that it protects against paralysis ticks for up to 1 month.Other prducts such as Advantix and Frontline and Frontline plus require that the dog must not be exposed to water or rain etc within at least 24 hours of application, because these products are applied to the pets skin.With Nexgard if the dog gets wet it is not a problem as it is administered via the dog chewing the Nexgard strip.

I would recommend this product over the Frontline Plus


From Grenfell NSW

I feel more confident about their flea and tick protection as taken internally and cannot rub off or wash off. Good value product. No coaxing to eat these as the dogs love the taste

He lives them and they work


From Kalaru NSW 2550

Once a month, safe from ticks. Peace of mind where ticks are everywhere.

Have bought this before.


From Wallaville

Dog takes it with no problem and have had no side effects.



From WallavilleWallaville

Haven't had any fleas or ticks since I started using tjis on Tiny. This is to replace my other review as I hit a wrong button and said it causes irritation, it doesn't. Also have no trouble getting him to take it. I just ask him if he wants a yummy. Works every time.

Tastes good seems to work OK


From Grafton, NSW Australia

Haven't had any trouble with ticks since using this product.

Flea Treatment that actually works


From Vic, Aus

Will continue to buy this product as it is the only one that has worked on my german shepherds & I have tried many that have given no relief. Highly recommend product & Supplier for their very prompt service & communication re your order.

Dogs Actually Like This Treatment

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From Lake Mac Australia

All my dogs take this medication easily and enjoy the "treat". No dramas anymore when its time to have their medicine!

Great product I have been using this now for a year

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From Queensland

I have 2 Bullmastiff's so easy to give it tham they snap it up like treats

Have bought this product before


From Wallaville, QLD

Use as directed and no worries. Started using it because I found fleas and a tick on him. Have had none since he started taking this.