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Oxymav B

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Active ingredient: Oxytetracycline hydrochloride 10g/Kg. A broad spectrum antibiotic powder for treating respiratory and general bacterial conditions in caged birds. No prescription is required for this useful medication.

Broad spectrum antibiotic against a wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, certain rickettsia, chlamydia, actinomyces, mycoplasma, protozoa and some of the larger viruses. It acts by inhibition of proteins in the ribosomes of the bacteria. 

Oxytetracycline crosses most biological barriers in the body.

Diseases due to susceptible organisms in ornamental cage birds.

Safety Directions:
Avoid contact with the skin and eyes, and avoid inhaling dust. 

Dosage and Administration:
CRD and bacterial enteritis dissolve 5g (1 rounded measure) in 50mL of water. Use this solution as the source of drinking water for the treated bird. Make up this solution fresh daily. Treat the bird for 3 - 5 days, or as directed by a veterinarian. 50mL of prepared solution will treat 2 large birds (parrots, cockatoos) or 10 small birds (canaries, finches, budgerigars).

Powder (fine, yellow, soluble): 100g

This product has not been registered for use in food producing animals.

This product cannot be shipped to New Zealand

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
graham (Brisbane, AU)
good value

In my experience this works better than most vets do.

Bird breeder Chennai (Chennai, IN)

Oxymav B is best compare with others ( triple c)...
my bird weight loss issue with in 5 days completely recover...

OXYMAV B is Champion 🏆.

Bird breeder Chennai (Chennai, IN)
Never seen results

Tried for sick bird, happy with good results.. visible result with in 3 days completely recovered... happy

Jacqui Augutis (Bundaberg, AU)
OxymV B for sick duckling

I had a duckling with a respiratory infection. I didn’t think she’d make it. This product came quickly and worked wonders. She’s good as new! Quite a large tub too so I’ll have some on hand if ever I have a sick bird.

It worked but....

I bought this to give to my laying hens as that was how it was advertised....when it came it kind of inferred that is was NOT for laying chickens? I googled it and it seems lots of people use it for laying hens....but it was not meant for them....i was pretty desperate, and it has worked. None of them died....and as no one is laying I guess eating the eggs isn’t an issue. Would prefer clarity around wether this is indeed ok to give to laying chickens and if so what is a good withholding period.

HI Linda, Oxymav B only has registration for use in ornamental caged birds (eg canaries, budgies, parrots etc). It has not been registered for use in birds producing food for human consumption and so any such use would be considered off-label. As such there is no withholding period information available. Your veterinarian may be able to recommend off-label usage of various medications but otherwise we can only recommend usage of the product as per the label directions.