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Aussie Dog Staffie Ball 240mm

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The genuine Aussie Dog Staffie Ball is the ultimate product for your Staffy!

All Staffy owners know how punishing their dogs can be on their favourite toys so give them a ball that will last.

The Staffie Ball is built tough! Originally developed for lions, tigers and polar bears, the 240mm Staffie Ball will certainly be up to the challenge.

Most importantly, it is safe to leave alone with your Staffy. Backed up with a 12 month warranty (Australian purchases only).

SIZE: 24cm diameter. Weight 1.3kg.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Monique (Adelaide, AU)
Demon Ball

My English Staffy isn't very vocal.. until this ball comes out. It's like he becomes possessed and starts barking like the ball is his mortal enemy and he becomes very wild trying to control it, the only other time i see his eyes go crazy like that is when we bring home a BBQ Chicken. This isn't behaviour that I want to encourage, and I can't put my neighbours through listening to him bark all day long, so the ball has gone in the shed. Maybe I'll try pulling it out when he's a bit older (18 months old now) and see if his demeanour has changed. A lot of money to waste on such a highly recommended toy. We also bought the one on the bungee cord and had the same result, no other toys get this reaction, very frustrating. It's definitely durable though so if you can handle barking and insanity, go for it.

Pam Fountain

I am disappointed with the Staffie Ball. My dog seems to get very frustrated that he can't grab the ball. He is very possessive of the ball and growls when I try to take it away. It makes him unpredictable and I am tentative when trying to take it off him.I hoped he would love chasing it around.

Staffie owner
About to buy my 2nd one

My AM staffies ball is now 2 years old and has been used every day at the dog park she herds it around everywhere, and up against fences and it frustrates her to no end that she can't control it, she's hilarious,after years of teeth on it it does have deep crevices now that are sharp and starting to make her face bleed when she noses it around, well worth the money about to buy my second one would never bother with another ball

Best ever ball

My staffy is very hard on any balls, a hard tennis ball - 8 minutes crumbed rubber. He absolutely loves this one. Plays it like a soccer game. two weeks and no sign of a hole or dent. If you have a massive chewer, this is the best.

Aussie dog stuffy ball

I have had a normal Aussie dog ball for 7 years and my dogs have played with it everyday and the only reason that I have had to replace it is that I ran the other one over with my 4x4 to many times and it got a dint in it. The allowed the dogs to bit and clew the ball but they still play with it and it has taken them 2years to put wholes in it. These toys are excellent value.they keep,your dog fit and entertained. They are the toughest toys I have ever bought for my dogs