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Angels' Eyes Natural Tear Stain Remover

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Angels' Eyes Natural is specifically developed for BOTH dogs and cats to help eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out! Angels' Eyes Natural also helps to eliminate staining around the animals mouth and coat due to licking.

Other products are topical requiring high maintenance and yet will only remove the tear stain temporarily causing it to return worse than before. Angels' Eyes Natural starts working before the tear stains begins. Angels' Eyes Natural may help to keep tear stains away by reducing the oxidation released through the tear ducts and reduces the reddish-brown stains that are binding with the animals hair.

Angels' Eyes Natural is extremely palatable. Simply add Angels' Eyes Natural to food or water and go from TEAR to CLEAR.

Angels' Eyes Natural is made with all natural active and inactive ingredients. The active ingredients in Angels' Eyes Natural are a proprietary blend composed of natural antioxidants and anti- inflammatory properties. Angels' Eyes Natural contains NO food dyes, wheat, corn, or soy which may have negative effects on your pet.

Safe for all breeds, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes!

As you keep trimming the stained areas, the newly grown coat will be totally clear. The growth pattern of your pet's coat will determine if it will be completely tear stain free anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks.

Many people wonder why some dogs and cats eyes water, which causes a stain on the fur just below their eyes. This condition is called epiphora. When the facial hair is wet from excess tearing it is the breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Not only is it unsightly but it may be very irritating to your pet. The staining may also emit a moderate to noticeably strong odour.

Up until now these reddish brown stains due to tear pigments were hard to eliminate completely. Tear staining can be traced to health and diet, as well as genetics. Here are some helpful tips to improve your pets well being:

Keep your pet healthy: Have your pet checked at least twice a year by your veterinarian for ear infections and ear mites, gum infections, common yeast or bacterial infections of the eye (especially Red Yeast) and for clogged tear ducts.

Check your pet's diet: Artificial food colourings (dyes), artificial food additives and preservatives, corn, wheat and soy can cause allergies in cats and dogs. These allergies can cause tear stains. Also check for face rubbing, licking of front paws, head shaking, and ear inflammations these are other signs of allergies. Water minerals can also add to tear staining. Use bottled or filtered water in a stainless steel bowl.

Keep your pet's eyes clean: Hair in the eyes can cause infections and irritation. Eyelashes can grow at abnormal angles and rub on the eye. Check your pet's eyes regularly. Also check for collected dust, stray hairs, and dried tears. Any foreign matter in the eye is likely to lead to tear stains.

Hygiene: Always wash your hands first before touching the area around their eyes. Wash your pet frequently. Always make sure you comb them first before washing to remove any knots or matts. Keep the shampoo out of their eyes to avoid irritation.

Suggestions on how to administer Angels' Eyes Natural:

The easiest way to administer Angels' Eyes Natural is to add the recommended weight dosage directly into the pet's food once daily.
It can also be used as a treat and mixed with some baby food, cottage cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, etc. Another suggestion is to add water to the recommended dosage and use a syringe slowly directly into the mouth.

FLAVOUR: Sweet Potato


Dogs and cats under 6kg: 1/4 tsp daily

Dogs and cats 6kg - 22kg: 1/2 tsp daily

Dogs and cats 22kg and over: 1 tsp daily

The scoop that comes with the product is a 1/2 tsp measure.

SIZES: 75g; 150g

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