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Blue Planet Betta Mini Warmer Aquarium Heating Pad

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The Blue Planet Betta mini warmer pad is an efficient and convenient way to keeping your betta tank warm.

With a 7.5 Watt heater, this product is designed for small aquariums between 8 and 20L.

- It will warm the water to around 24C.

- Includes a suction cup.

- 7.5w

- Compact size of 107 x 50mm.

- Suitable for both marine and freshwater tanks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amanda Goulter (Bayswater, AU)
Very inconsistent

Very inconsistent heating. Fluctuates between 22 and 33•!! Does not regulate at all.
Also when I click 1* it automatically rates 5* how dodgey. I can see this is the case for several reviews.

rachel goldsworthy (New Farm, AU)
Beta fish tank warming pad

Great item, warms my fish bowl so my beta is much happier. Sits under the gravel in the bowl so only the cord is noticeable. Keeps the tank 27ish which is perfect.

David Adams (Melbourne, AU)
Not what I was looking for.

I was looking for a heat Pad, not something that needs to be immersed in water

Steve (Brighton, AU)
Blue Planet Betta Mini Warmer Aquarium Heating Pad

Obviously this thing has no thermostat, in one litre of water it took the temperature to 37 degrees C . So I would not be recommendeding it for fish tanks .
However I home brew stuff so will be keeping it. KISS KISSS , Steve .

Tan (Sydney, AU)
Betta heater

Awesome product, perfect size, price and very quick postage, highly recommended, I purchase through vet n pet regularly