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Blue Planet Tonic Salt 300g

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Blue Planet Aquarium Tonic Salt is a natural remedy for freshwater fish.

Blue Planet Aquarium Salt is obtained by evaporating sea water and contains many electrolytes. It is not table salt, which does not suit aquarium purposes. Blue Planet Aquarium Salt adds natural electrolytes such as sodium, calcium, magnesium and chloride to fresh aquarium water. These electrolytes are essential for fish to maintain healthy gill function and osmoregulation, the process of keeping fluid and electrolyte balance within a cell to maintain health and well being. During periods of disease and stress, healthy gill function can be disturbed leading to loss of electrolytes. 

Aquarium Salt can also be used to: 
  • Hatch Brine Shrimp Eggs 
  • Recharge Ammonia Absorbing (zeolite) Material.

As a General Tonic for Fish: 
Use at the rate of 1g per litre (1 rounded tablespoon (20g) per 20 litres) of aquarium water. Dissolve in a small quantity of aquarium water before adding.

NOTE: Aquarium Salt does not evaporate or degrade in an aquarium. Additional dosage should only be added as directed to equivalent volume of water change.

Hatching Brine Shrimp Eggs: 

Use at the rate of 40g (2 rounded tablespoons) per litre of water.

Recharging Ammonia absorbing (zeolite) materials: 
Use at the rate of 80g (4 rounded tablespoons) per 250mL of warm tap water. Use this solution to recharge each 60g – 80g of Zeolite material. Soak the Zeolite in the salt solution for 2 hours then rinse lightly in tap water before using in the aquarium.

SIZE: 300g

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