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Chuckit! Ultra Ball - 2pack

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Designed for the most demanding use, the Chuckit! Ultra Ball is not your dog's ordinary ball. This is the best ball for the game of fetch.

This ball has been

developed to have high bounce, high buoyancy, high visibility and high durability. The Chuckit! Ultra Ball promises to outplay the ordinary.

A natural rubber ball that is easy to clean.

Use with Chuckit! Ball Launchers.


2 pack Small (5cm);

2 pack Medium (6cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Petah (Canberra, AU)
very tough!

I love these balls. I do dog boarding and no dog has ever broken these, even very powerful jawed dogs like boxers, mastiffs and bull types. They are soft enough to keep them interested but seem indestructible

Karen Thompson (North Lakes, AU)
Tough Little Suckers

These balls are super tough and bouncy. My Black Lab can destroy a tennis ball with his jaws in less than 5 mins, not from chewing on it but just from mouthing it when bringing it back to me after I throw it. So I'm always looking for super tough balls. These Chuck Its make the grade. Also, I have 2 older dogs with deteriorating sight and the bright orange colour makes it easier for them to see. Thumbs up for sure :)