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Herpacare Concentrate (Vetafarm) 500mL

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A range of bacteria and other micro-organisms are common in reptile enclosures. Herpacare effectively kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact and is ideal as a safe and effective all purpose cleanser for reptile enclosures and equipment.

Indications: Herpacare kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact and is effective in up to 20% organic matter, making it perfect for 'dirty' situations. ("Hospital B" standards of disinfection).

Herpacare can be used to disinfect food and water containers, vivariums and enclosures, rocks and logs.

Recommended for: Use as a safe and effective disinfectant cleanser for all situations that require a high level of hygiene, such as terrariums, vivariums, equipment and incubators.

Key features:

* Hospital B Grade disinfectant.

* Instantly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact.

* Is effective in up to 20% organic matter – perfect for disinfection in dirty situations.

Directions for Use: Dilute with water 1:50 prior to use (20mL/L). At this dilution, Herpacare performs to the "Hospital B" standards of disinfection.

Active Constituents: 50g/L Benzalkonium Chloride, 25g/L Sulfamic Acid


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