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Kelato Revolve Rotational Wormer 32.5g

Revolve is a rotational wormer to complement Evolve, Kelato's broad-spectrum wormer and boticide. Resistance to deworming chemicals is proven and increasing in Australia. Revolve and Evolve makes rotation easy by providing a sustainable worming solution that minimises resistance and maximises horse and pasture health. 

How will it help my horse?

Revolve contains two active ingredients, Morantel Tartrate and Oxfendazole. Morantel acts on the nervous system of the parasites causing paralysis. As a consequence, the parasites are unable to attach to the intestinal wall and are expelled from the gut. The form of Morantel in Revolve is particularly soluble, resulting in a high degree of efficacy. Oxfendazole interferes with the metabolic pathways of adults and sterilises eggs within 24 hours of dosing, thereby reducing pasture contamination.

Revolve is effective against:

* Larval stages of

* Small strongyles

* Ascarids (roundworms)

* Pinworms

* Tapeworms

Features & Benefits:

* Easy grip syringe for smaller hands

* Pleasant taste

* Rotational wormer to complement Kelato's Evolve

* Made in Australia.


Each gram of paste contains: 245mg Morantel tartrate and 175mg Oxfendazole .

Directions for Use:

Given orally at the recommended dose rate of 5 mL/100 kg bodyweight the 32.5 g syringe treats horses of weight up to 550 kg.

*NB - This product should not be used in foals or horses weighing less than 100kg.

General Directions:

Develop a Regular Treatment Program: All horses should be subject to regular worming to maintain good health and peak condition. Revolve is well suited to be the major rotation product in your equine parasite control arsenal.

Place a powerful stranglehold around increasing helminth resistance by rotating Revolve on a six-monthly basis with an ivermectin broad spectrum drench.

APVMA Approval No. 80122/100257


Revolve is available as a 32.5g syringe.

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