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Natural Animal Solutions RespraEze 100mL

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Natural Animal Solutions RespraEze is a pharmaceutical grade professional formulation to safely and easily assist pets with respiratory discomfort.

It is an effective, easy to administer natural formulation free from antibiotics.

RespraEze has been formulated with key active ingredients containing biodynamic, pure herbal extracts for maximum concentration and effectiveness.

INGREDIENTS: White horehound, marshmallow, echinachea, licorice, golden seal, Andrographis.

Cats: Dilute recommended dosage in 3 - 5 mL of water.
Dogs: Administer orally or add to feed.

Cats: 2 - 3 drops x daily
10 kg: 1mL x 2 daily
20 - 30 kg: 2mLx 2 daily
30 - 40 kg: 3mL x 2 daily
60 kg: 4mL x 2 daily

SIZE: 100mL

Customer Reviews

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Nicky Hozack
Highly recommend

Excellent product. Has given my Australian Shepherd relief from a distressing cough due to heart and lung disease.

Reduced recovery time severe Bronchitis

If you miss the subtle initial symptoms of bronchitis at onset, eg a very mild clearling of the throat it can become quite pernicious with the infection lasting two weeks and recovery taking considerably longer than this if treated with antibiotics. This was the second bout of canine bronchitis I had experienced and, unfortunately, I missed the onset and was not able to obtain RespraEze and the High Potency vitamin C in the short term, so the infection once again became severe. This time no antibiotics were used and after the two weeks of infection, recovery was reduced to two weeks. It's good to know I can rely on this formula to complete recovery from severe bronchitis in two weeks rather than administering strong antibiotics endlessly for weeks and recovery taking forever with no discernable incremental results. My recommendation is to become very aware that unusual throat clearing over 1 or 2 days is likely to become bronchitis and act with both of these products to stop the infection before it gets out of hand.