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Canicalm Small Bark Control Collar - Little Dogs

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The use of anti-barking collars can have unintended, long lasting and detrimental behavioural consequences for your dog and should be considered only after all other possible avenues have been explored. We recommend seeking alternative force free methods of dealing with your dogs problem barking behaviour. For more information please refer to our Help Centre article below, get in touch with our Customer Service Team, or contact your local Force Free Dog Training professional.

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Num'axes Canicalm Small Dog bark control collar is the smallest bark control collar on the Australian market and is perfect for small dogs such as Mini Foxies, Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles etc. This little anti bark collar is water resistant with built in 2 hours fast charge lithium battery.


  • Suitable for tiny to small sized dogs
  • Water resistant
  • Rechargeable with 2 hours fast charge
  • Vibration sensor to detect barking
  • 3 stimulation modes with tone only option
  • 1 year warranty

Recommend Dog Breeds examples (Over 6 months)
*French Bulldog *Mini Dachshund *Chihuahua (short hair) *Fox Terrier *Bichon *Corgi *Pug *Bull Terrier *Scottish Terrier *Jack Russel *Beagle

Vibration Bark Detect Sensor:
The Canicalm Small Dog bark control collar has vibration sensor to detecting barking. It is only activated by the vibration from the voice box. This discriminates the barking of your dog from other external noises. Please note: The vibration sensor is built into one of the contact probes, the contact probes must have a proper contact to the dog's skin as well as near the voice box. It is recommended to use the long contact probes for long and thick hair small dogs.

How the Num'axes Canicalm Small anti bark collar works:
The Canicalm Small anti barking collar has 3 operating modes. Mode 1 is tone only. Mode 2 is tone and progressive correction for sensitive dogs. Mode 3 is tone and progressive correction for stubborn dogs. When the dog barks, the Canicalm Small bark control collar will detect the barking and emits a warning tone. Depending on the operating mode, in the factory preset Mode 2, if the dog doesn't stop barking, the collar will emits a static correction, however, if the dog keeps on barking, the level of correction will increase automatically until the dog stops barking.
After the collar being activated 9 times, It will be cut off for 2 minutes.

Please note: Dogmaster Trainers does not recommend that the customer leave the static correction collar on the dog for more than 8 hours per day as this may cause pressure necrosis. Please also check your dogs neck for irritation and wash neck each time after using the collar and clean the contact probes with alcohol every week.

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Perfect for my Italian Greyhound