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PAC Invisible Dog Fence - Bigger than 5 Acres - Boosted

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Do you need to invisibly contain your escaping dogs within a fixed area around your property? PAC
invisible dog fence is the ideal solution. This system is practically infallible and has the added advantage of being extremely flexible, and hidden.

invisible dog fence is ideal where you wish to contain one or more escaping dogs without using ugly and obtrusive containment fencing. Each escaping dog that needs to be contained wears an active electronic dog collar. This collar unit is designed to pick up a low strength radio signal when the dog is close to the invisible fence. The electric pet fence comprises a simple plastic covered loop-wire. The wire can be twisted to close the dog fence when running across a lawn and re-opened to protect designated areas such as swimming pools, flower beds etc. PAC dog containment system comes with 100 metres wire & flags

Automatic for Peace of Mind:

PAC dog containment system gives you peace of mind that you will stop your dog escaping 24/7. Whenever a dog moves into the Active Zone (set by the user, normally to 1-2 metres from the wire), their collar receives a radio signal. The collar/receiver emits an audible beep or warning tone, if the dog challenges the warning tone and walks past the flags or into the next zone it will feel the first correction level, if it challenges and walks into the next zone it will feel the next level of correction. The PAC collar/receiver is the only product on the market that has four automatic levels of correction. The longer the dog is within the active zone; and the closer his proximity to the wire; the greater the intensity of the deterrent stimulation. Thus, the dog self-elects to approach the boundary; and if he runs at it, the system activates immediately.

Electronic Control Unit (Transmitter):

The electronic control unit is installed indoor/undercover; it generates radio signals for the loop-wire. The signal strength determines the Active Zone width and can be adjusted and monitored at the unit. It has a timer controlled charger for the Collar Unit. The system comes with ÒinbuiltÓ battery backup, to power the unit should normal power supply fail. This feature incorporates 2 x 9 volt batteries within the transmitter housing.

Electronic Collar Unit

The collar unit is a rechargeable waterproof unit that contacts with the dog via two stainless steel probes. Each charge can give up to 2-4 weeks of operation (3 months in standby mode). An LED on the training collar indicates battery charge status. Since the collar recharges through the contact probes, the collars are the most waterproof on the market as there is no way for water, moisture or dust to get inside the unit.

Loop Wire:

The loop wire comprises a low cost multi-cored PVC covered cable that can be purchased from us or your local electrical wholesaler. The two tails of this loop connect to the Control Unit. Surround and enclose all or part of your garden, paddock or estate, and give your dog freedom to roam within it.

PAC Invisible Dog Fence Features:

* Suitable for medium to large size stubborn dogs

* Quality European made

* 4 steps to containing your pet

* Collar is both waterproof and rechargeable

* 4 preset levels of stimulation

* Battery backup protection

* Capacity to cover up to 15 acres with extra wire purchase

* 2 Year Warranty

Kit Includes:

* Transmitter (with battery back up option)

* Power adapter

* Waterproof and Rechargeable Collar (receiver)

* Probes for short and long coat dogs

* Instruction Manual

* 100 metres wire and 25 training flags

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