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ResiChlor Leave On Anti-Septic Lotion 200ml

An aid in the treatment of superficial dermatitis associated with Staphylococcus intermedius in dogs.

Aids in treatment of pyoderma between baths. Fresh melon scent.

Composition: 2% chlorhexidine gluconate (22g/L).

Directions for use:
Shake well before use.

Full body application
• After shampooing (or between baths), apply an adequate amount to cover the entire coat along the back of the dog.
• Massage well into the skin and coat.
• Apply more as needed (amount will vary according to the size of the animal and length of the coat).

Localised application
May be applied to a localised area after shampooing OR specifically to the affected area whether the coat is dry or wet in between shampoos.

• Apply a thin layer to the affected area.
• Massage well into the skin and coat.
• Apply more as needed.

2% chlorhexidine has broad spectrum activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria.
The formulation is cationic and binds strongly to the negatively charged microbial cell wall and skin and hair surfaces to give prolonged activity.

Leave-On technology
As a Leave-On Lotion, ResiCHLOR prolongs the contact time of chlorhexidine and increases residual activity. Leave-On technology means it is a convenient adjunct or alternative to baths.

Lotion formulation
Easy application that disperses readily through wet or dry hair imparting a high sheen and softness to the coat with a great melon scent.
Presentation: 200ml Tube

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Oli the Happy Dancer
Works the Best!

Works better than anything else we've tried for our dog's chronic skin problem. Wouldn't want to be without it when he has breakouts.

Mad basset lady
I will certainly buy this product again

Easy to use, no mess, my senior girl loves it being rubbed on, and it works

This product worked

I have applied daily for the last week to my Boxers chin to clear up her dermatitis and I can see a definite improvement.

ResiCHLOR Leave On Anti-Septic Lotion 200ml

This product works as long as you are following yuor Vet's instruction. ResiCHLOR is the only product that is effective against Staphylococcus pseudintermedius infection on my dog's paws. This bug is resistant to all of the antibiotics and I was just so scared for my dog's wellbeing. She was on all sorts of treatments and nothing worked as this product does. I am just so releived after two year battle with her persistant infection. I keep applying it three times a day and it is almost cleared. I wish all Vet's start recomending it as soon as infection is diagnosed.