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Rogz Lumberjack Control Lead (Strong)

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The Rogz Lumberjack Control Lead is a shock absorbing lead, with ShocLoc Control. Rogz Control Lead has a bungee portion that absorbs shock. This lead is designed for strong pullers. The Control Lead absorbs the shock from a quick pull or jerk, minimizing the risk of injury to you or your dog.

Suitable for moderate to strong pull behaviour.

Features: * Reflective Stitching - Reflective yarn is woven into the webbing for night time visibility * Shock Absorbing Webbing - Soft touch bungee to ease the pull strength and pressure placed on you and your dog. * ShocLoc Control - The worldÕs first Lock-out system. Designed to Lock out the absorbing function of the bungee. * SnapLoc Trigger Hook - The worldÕs first Lockable Trigger Hook to ensure control and safety for you and your dog. * Waste Bag Holder - Accessory to hold your waste bag.

Material: Webbing and Reflective Stitching: Nylon Handle: Neoprene Shock Absorbing Webbing: Polyester Trigger Hook and Metal components: Zinc Plastic components: POM Acetal Plastic Components Nylon: A strong synthetic woven fibre with high abrasion resistance. The nylon webbing is woven tightly for improved strength and avoids snagging. Neoprene: A soft synthetic rubber with good resistance to weathering. Long lasting in various environments. Polyester: A strong wrinkle, chew and tear-resistant fabric. POM Acetal Plastic Components: An injection-molded thermoplastic with high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. Zinc: A strong and durable compound that will not rust and is resistant to other forms of corrosion.

Purchase the correct length to ensure you get the best results out of our Control Lead all while ensuring your dogÕs safety and comfort. Replace Control Lead if damaged in any way to avoid injury.


SIZE: 0.8m;





Dayglo Yellow;


Customer Reviews

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Stephturk (Perth, AU)
Less shoulder. And arm pull

This lead saves my arm and shoulder from extreme pulling from our cocker spaniel. It’s a great purchase

marie webb (Melbourne, AU)

This is my second lumberjack lead, first one part of the clip broke off. But I do like this lead,