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Sentinel Spectrum Chews. Green for Small Dogs 4-11kg

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Customer Reviews

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I love this product

I have two Chihuahuas Brian and seth and I am totally blind! The sentinel really helps them, the only problem is because I can't do the flea treatment using the solution because I am totally blind this is the best product, the problem is my dogs are very fussy and refused to take it from my hand, another problem is I have tried giving it to them in their meals my boys deliberately don't touch it because they don't like the taste even though it is meant to be yummy! I have tried putting it down there throats, and even though it goes into the mouth, they spit it back out again, this is stressful for me because I wish that they would take it like a treaty, but this is the only product that I'm able to use, I wish it was subsidised though as I'm on a blind pension, but otherwise I love this product for both my boys and the problem with them spitting it out is so bad I have to take them to the vet with my Caira to get them to take it! I wish there was a paste the did the same thing as the sentinel to but it would be easier to put that in their mouth because the sentinel chew is really hard for me to get them to take! It's really annoying and frustrating

Perfect Product

We have been using this product for our Maltese cross for the past ten years. It is completely reliable in providing protection against fleas, worms and heartworm. our dog has never suffered from any of these complaints since taking these tablets once a month.

Sentinel Spectrum Chews

I used this on my last dog and had the opportunity to change to a different method for worming etc. with my new dog but have stuck with it for convenice - preformance - reliablity. Go Sentinelspectrum chews.

Worry free protection

Having used this product for our dog for several years I am impressed with the level of protection it provides. No fleas, no worms and easy to administer!

Complete and Convenient.

I have used Sentinel Spectrum with our Jack Russel/King Charles Cav cross for eight years. It is effective and good value. Simply add it to the evening meal.