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Sorbliss Hemp Pellet Small Animal Bedding & Litter 10kg

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Sorbliss Small Animal Bedding & Litter is made from 100% natural hemp and is free from insecticides, pesticides and chemical additives. No binding agent or fragrances were used in the manufacturing process.

Sorbliss is an economical natural product for the welfare of pets and pet owners alike. It can be disposed of easily and hygienically, either by composting or recycling in with the organic waste.

Sorbliss is more than 12 times absorbent than straw and 4 times more absorbent than wood shavings. The super absorbency of hemp traps all bad odours. Also the damp litter does not stick. Sorbliss  hemp pellets small animal bedding is particularly suitable for small rodent species that build their burrows and nests in the litter.

Even young animals thrive in the hemp litter, as it poses no choking or poisoning risk. The hemp also has natural thermal insulation to help maintain warmth.


* SUPERIOR ABSORBENCY: Up to four times more absorbent than traditional wood shaving, therefore reducing the amount of cat litter required

* LASTING ODOUR CONTROL: Absorbs ammonia very efficiently, reducing its harmful effects on the respiratory system and reduces odour.

* EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN: Absorption takes place in depth, retaining urine and odours at the bottom of the tray & allowing easy removal of soiled product.

* REDUCED TRACKING: The litter stays dry and the weight of the pellets enables them to remain in place.

* VIRTUALLY DUST-FREE: Does not stick or produce dust or smears.

* ECONOMICAL & LONG LASTING: Use only a thin layer. Can be used for up to 12 weeks provided damp litter is removed.

* GARDEN FRIENDLY: Dispose of the soiled litter either by flushing down a toilet, putting it in your compost bin, or simply mix it with the soil of your garden beds, as it soon rots down within 8 weeks into quality organic garden compost.

Directions for use:

* For rodents – Spread a clean and dry tray to a depth of 4-8cm with Sorbliss hemp pellets.

* For mammals, reptiles and birds – Spread a clean and dry tray to a depth of 2-4 cm with Sorbliss hemp pellets.

* Regularly remove solid waste with a scoop and top up with fresh pellets as required.

* Replace the litter completely when odours become noticeable.

* You may dispose of soiled litter either in your compost bin or simply mixed with the soil of your garden beds as it will soon rot down into quality organic garden compost.

SIZE: 10kg

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