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Vetalogica Feline Tranquil Formula 120's

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Helps Maintain Emotional Balance in Cats

Like humans, cats also experience fear, anxiety and stress related emotions. Many factors contribute to these feelings including, vet visits, separation from loved ones, car trips and thunderstorms. Cats have very unique personalities and often their ability to deal with stressful events differs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Contains natural ingredients plus Tryptophan and B group vitamins
  • Specially formulated vitamins and minerals in correct ratios for cats
  • Great tasting treat for cats

How It Works:

Cats are often subject to distressing situations such as thunderstorms, being frightened of strangers, aggression or even being left alone. Feline Tranquil Formula contains Tryptophan and essential B group vitamins to help maintain normal emotional balance in cats.

Directions for Use:

The delicious chicken flavoured tablet can be given as a treat to kittens and adult cats with or without food. When giving more than one tablet, divide between morning and night. Feline Tranquil Formula treats should be given in conjunction with a balanced diet. Consult your veterinarian regularly for further information and advice.


Cats (all sizes) - 4 chewable daily

Pack Size: 120 Flavoured Chews

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ginger cat owner

We have been buying Feline Tranquil Formula for over a year for our very anxious, skittish cat. She loved them and came running whenever she heard the bottle being opened. They were making her a lot less anxious. Until this week. We opened a new bottle and fed them to her (4 per day) as usual. She will not touch them! Today I found a tiny notice on the bottle saying the tablets have been "reformulated using calmaphian technology"! Apparently the reformulation has changed the taste. We will not be buying these again until they are changed back. Now on the search for something else to help calm our beautiful Ginga, the ginger cat.

Tasty but effective?

We've been having open houses for the last month, and after the last unsuccessful boarding of our two DSH cats I'm desperate to find something to calm the nerves of a very anxious 5 year old girl. She gets one in the morning and one in the evening the day before, and then one in the morning the day of any travel or upheaval. I haven't seen a gargantuan improvement, in fact, have also used feliway and a more comfortable towel in her carrier, so there are several possibilities she's less agitated (still yowls and cries the whole time). The only draw-back is she loves the taste. Given she's a very fussy eater, this means she knows where the 'treats' are, regardless that they're therapeutic and wants them more often than she's allowed.

Good Stuff

It has helped calm our new cat, who had a very bad start before we got her. Was very skittish, would hide and scratch, but she seems much better now.Will definitely continue to use this product

Works a treat

I have 3 cats (2xM, 1xF)Gave tablets to the 2 problem cats (M & F) who could not stand the sight of each other. After 3 weeks they're eating in the same room. Results after 3 days. Ordering another 2 bottles today. Who would have thought vitamins plus would make peace for my animals.

Great product

My two boy cats started fighting for no reason. I found it was jealousy but when I started these tablets they settled down back to their normal selves. Good citizen cats. I would highly recommend these tablets for any cats that are stressed.