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White-E with Selenium

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“Free Radicals" are chemical compounds that occur naturally in the body but on reaching toxic levels, damage healthy cells, affect muscle function, reduce fertility and immunity and generally lower performance. Anti-oxidants de-toxify and neutralise Free Radicals - their routine use in performance horses represents a great leap forward in avoiding muscle cell damage and improving general health.

WHITE-E with Selenium represents a major breakthrough in anti-oxidant technology. The scientifically balanced combination of the anti-oxidant compounds of Vitamin E and Selenuim, work synergistically both inside and outside the cell to neutralise harmful “free radicals"that affect performance and general well being.

Beneficial for:
- Selenium deficient areas.
- Muscle pain, stiffness and tying up.
- White muscle disease in foals.
- Nervous disorders.
- Improving fertility in mares and stallions.
- Increasing immunity to infectious diseases.

Why use White-E with Selenium?
- Contains Selenium Proteinate which is an easy to absorb and safe form of Selenium.
- The combination of Vitamin E and Selenium work better together, than individually ie 1+1=3.
- Helps fight the war inside your horse!

Per 16g dose
- Vitamin E 1000iu
- Selenium proteinate 500ug

SIZES:  500g;  1.5kg 

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