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2 reviews


Works a treat!


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I originally got this as my dog was eating the cat poo before I could clean it. This not only solved that issue, but keeps the room smelling much better. I had an issue with the rake getting caught up the top, but it was replaced and works like a dream! The best part is that the tray is MASSIVE! My 2 cats have so much space. Although the recommend clay litter, I've also found the crystals work well too and are less messy. Absolutely everyone should have one!

Smart Scoop Litter Box


From not supplied

It's an excellent product. I have 3 cats and had no trouble with the cats using it. Only trouble is I need 2 for them as it fills up quickly. But overall its good. Make sure you get the kitty litter that is not the clay type as when it clumps it's hard to scoop up. Just try different types till you find the right one. One happy cat lover.