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**Now with Bluetooth Health Monitoring** SmartScoop Intelligent Self-Scooping Litter Box eliminates odour, the need for daily scooping and the need to touch a dirty litter box! Simplify your life: it saves you time, saves you money and is easy to clean. Each SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box package includes a 6 months supply of everything you will need: 24 No-Touch Waste Bags, 6 Activated Carbon Filters, 1 Litter Catching Ramp 1 Litter Catching Mat. (Supply of product is based on average use in a single cat household.) SmartScoop is motion activated so once the cat leaves the litter box, an internal timer will count down for 15 minutes, allowing for the clumping process to take place. The waste unit will then move, raking the clump forward and into the waste tray. The waste unit will then return to its original position for the next time the cat uses the litter box. For a single cat home, it is recommended to change the No-Touch Waste Bags once a week and Activated Carbon filter once a month. For a multi-cat home, change the bag and filter more frequently. Litter shown in picture is not included with product. Any clumping litter may be used with SmartScoop Intelligent Self-Scooping Litter Box. SmartScoop is quiet. Even in small living spaces, it won't disturb you or your cat. Features: *Smart sensor for triggered activation of cleaning cycle *Easier to operate and maintain than the competition *Large usable litter area, perfect for a single or multi-cat home *Uses a single assembly motor unit and waste collector *Heavy duty and easy-to-clean litter pan *Modern and clean appearance *Works with your favorite clumping litter; no need to buy costly, special litter *1-year warranty from date of purchase

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2 reviews


Works a treat!


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I originally got this as my dog was eating the cat poo before I could clean it. This not only solved that issue, but keeps the room smelling much better. I had an issue with the rake getting caught up the top, but it was replaced and works like a dream! The best part is that the tray is MASSIVE! My 2 cats have so much space. Although the recommend clay litter, I've also found the crystals work well too and are less messy. Absolutely everyone should have one!

Smart Scoop Litter Box


From not supplied

It's an excellent product. I have 3 cats and had no trouble with the cats using it. Only trouble is I need 2 for them as it fills up quickly. But overall its good. Make sure you get the kitty litter that is not the clay type as when it clumps it's hard to scoop up. Just try different types till you find the right one. One happy cat lover.