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Cat Carriers & Cages

Whether you're travelling by air or just driving to the local vet, we have a cat carrier to suit every cat. From soft cat carriers to cat cages, transport your cat safely and comfortably with our range of cat carriers.

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What style of cat carrier is best?

Soft Cat Carrier

A soft cat carrier is a fantastic option for cats who are relaxed travellers as it can provide more comfort for your pet and they are generally less bulky and awkward than a hard cat carrier. Most soft cat carriers are machine washable or feature a washable lining, making them easy to keep clean.

Hard Cat Cages

A hard cat transport cage is an excellent choice for anxious cats who don't enjoy travelling and may damage a soft cat carrier, or for trips where the cat carrier may be bumped during transit and requires extra protection to keep your pet safe.

Collapsible Cat Carrier

Collapsible cat carriers are a style of soft cat carrier which brings the additional benefit of being able to pack the carrier down nice and small for space-saving storage.

Cardboard Cat Carrier

For pet parents who rarely take their cat travelling or just need to nip down to the local vet, a cardboard cat carrier is an excellent choice. The main benefit of cardboard cat carriers over other cat carriers is that they are extremely affordable. The drawback of a disposable cat carrier however is that they are not built to last as long as their more expensive soft cat carrier and cat travel cage counterparts.