Common Repeat Delivery Questions

There are no membership fees or additional fees to use our Auto-Ship feature and you can cancel any time.

Setting up an Auto-Ship order does not guarantee you will always receive the same pricing as what the initial order was created with. However, it will always be the best available price on our website at the time is is processed, inclusive of any sale pricing.

Our prices fluctuate on many items due to their competitive nature and low margins. Most items are also subject to regular manufacturer price increases. 

Shipping costs may also fluctuate as we accomodate our carrier price increases and fuel surcharges. 

You will receive an email notification of upcoming orders a few days before the next order will be billed. The email will detail the upcoming product cost and if you want to check on shipping charges, you can also click through on the link in the email to review these.

Whilst we try our best to ensure continuity of supply, things happen and manufacturers run short of product from time to time. Although uncommon, this may mean that the items you require are unavailable at the time your next order processes.

If this occurs, our customer service team will get in touch with you to either issue a refund or discuss an alternative product that may be suitable.

Yes you can. To make changes to your current auto-ship order, please first log in to your account. 

Desktop Users: From the menu links down the left hand side of your account page you will see a button that says Manage Auto-ship. Click this button to go to our subscriptions area where you can make changes to your subscription.

Mobile Users: The Manage Auto-Ship button is located just below your primary address in the My Account area. Click this button to go to our subscriptions area where you can make changes to your subscription.

You can also manage your subscription by clicking on the link in any of the upcoming subscription notification emails you receive.

If you require assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Yep, you sure can. You can log in to your account anytime or click the magic link in your Upcoming Order email notificaiton to make any changes, including skipping your next delivery.

Yes we send you an email a few days ahead of when your next Auto-Ship order is due to be processed. You can click on the link in the email to see all the details of the upcoming order and pricing.

We have added an Auto-Ship option to most commonly purchased items in our store. However, if you find something that doesn't yet have it available, please let our team know and we will see if it can be activated for you.