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ProN8ure (formerly Protexin) Probiotic Powder

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Bernadette (Melbourne, AU)

I always find ProN8ture very beneficial to my horses after they have completed an antibiotic course. The pre and probiotics are wonderful for helping with the recovery.

Mark V. (Melbourne, AU)
Disappointed 😔

Purchased the large size of this as a daily probiotic due to the reviews only to find it caused gas in our 1 yo dalmatian, his digestion was excellent and never had an issue before replacing a childrens probiotic with this product.
I tried cutting back the dose to a quarter of the little spoon in the jar to no avail.
Have given him weeks to adjust to the product, still his tummy is not as good as it was before giving him this.
Will have to bin it, what an expensive mistake.

Peta B. (Sydney, AU)
Mature age mare

Recommended by the vet for my 28yr old horse with stomach upset. She's really picked up condition and her stomach has really settled.

Erin F. (Perth, AU)
Great stuff

I use this as an animal naturopath for dogs and cats. it works really well

Robyn G. (Melbourne, AU)
Can't rate this highly enough

My dog had a serious gastro issue, 2 days in emergency care, lots of anti biotics and serious meds. When he got home, every meal his stomach was playing trumpets! Regular probiotics/yogurt/kefir just weren't cutting it. he was mopey and lethargic still. I ordered this, with 3-4 days, stomach stopped gurgling, and he was back to being his bouncey self. Highly recommend this. We all know had bad the gut is after AB's. This is perfect