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ProN8ure (formerly Protexin) Probiotic Powder

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In late 2020 International Animal Health began rebranding Protexin to a new name  "ProN8ure". The actual product remains the same and the only thing that has changed is the name.


  • Establishment of beneficial gut microflora
  • Suppression of E. Coli Salmonella & Aeromonas spp
  • Treatment and control of scouring and diarrhoea
  • Improved digestibility of feed
  • Improved growth and feed conversion
  • Reduced digestive upsets
  • Enhanced animal health
  • Re-establishment of gut microflora following antibiotics, wormers or vaccination
  • Reducing stress (stress disrupts normal intestinal balance)
  • Safe, non-toxic and residue-free.
Stress, in all forms is one of the major causes of disruption to the normal balance of microflora in the gut, allowing proliferation of pathogens. Loss of appetite, picky eating, scouring, poor condition and changes in temperament are some of the less consequences. Stress is easily induced with some common causes being: changes in diet, heavy work or training, temperature extremes, breeding, transportation, worming, vaccinations and changes to environment. Use of PROTEXIN® in these circumstances protects horses from negative intestinal changes while improving digestive efficiency and general health.

Antibiotics are particularly harmful to gut microflora, leaving animals susceptible to re-infection. PROTEXIN® should always be administered following any course of antibiotics.

The digestive system plays a vital role in the health, vigour and performance of horses. Its correct functioning is dependent on the level and balance of bacteria and yeasts called microflora. Microflora have the major role in breaking down indigestible nutrients, in the synthesis and absorption of vitamins and minerals, in stimulating the immune system and in preventing the proliferation of pathogens in the gut.

Foals are born with a sterile gut which is rapidly colonised by both beneficial and pathogenic bacteria. A fine balance exists which can easily be disrupted, leading to scouring, ill thrift and other problems. Feeding PROTEXIN® from birth protects the foal from pathogens, improves digestive efficiency, enables better utilisation of feed and makes the transition from milk to solid feed easier.

All horses benefit from PROTEXIN®'s ability to stabilise intestinal microflora, maximise gut health and resist the effects of stress.

Dose at stress levels for the first 5 days and then dose at maintenance levels. Stress level dose may need to be continued for longer if necessary.

Stress Levels Dose / Day;
Horses: 20g
Foals: 10g
Dogs: 2g to 6g
Puppies: 2g
Cats & Kittens: 2g
Cattle, sheep, goats: 4g
Calves, lambs, kids: 2g
Pigs - creep weaner, grower, finisher, dry sow: 2g
Lactating Sow: 4g Piglet: 2g 

Maintenance Doses are Half the Stress Levels Dose. 

Scoop size = 2g

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Mark V (Melbourne, AU)
Disappointed 😔

Purchased the large size of this as a daily probiotic due to the reviews only to find it caused gas in our 1 yo dalmatian, his digestion was excellent and never had an issue before replacing a childrens probiotic with this product.
I tried cutting back the dose to a quarter of the little spoon in the jar to no avail.
Have given him weeks to adjust to the product, still his tummy is not as good as it was before giving him this.
Will have to bin it, what an expensive mistake.

Peta Brill (Sydney, AU)
Mature age mare

Recommended by the vet for my 28yr old horse with stomach upset. She's really picked up condition and her stomach has really settled.

Erin Follington (Perth, AU)
Great stuff

I use this as an animal naturopath for dogs and cats. it works really well

Robyn Grant (Melbourne, AU)
Can't rate this highly enough

My dog had a serious gastro issue, 2 days in emergency care, lots of anti biotics and serious meds. When he got home, every meal his stomach was playing trumpets! Regular probiotics/yogurt/kefir just weren't cutting it. he was mopey and lethargic still. I ordered this, with 3-4 days, stomach stopped gurgling, and he was back to being his bouncey self. Highly recommend this. We all know had bad the gut is after AB's. This is perfect

Leona (Brisbane, AU)

Excellent product. One horse gets loose stools on occasion. Gave this to him last time it happened and dried up in 2-3 days. Other horse dropped a bit of condition over winter so he’s on it too now and looks better after a few weeks of maintenance dose. Highly recommend