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Dog Leads & Leash Accessories

We offer a great variety of dog leashes perfect for training, walking and running. We have fixed, adjustable and shock-absorbing leads, car restraints, multi-function training leashes and more!

What is the best dog leash?

The best dog leash is dependent on the size and personality of your dog and its intended purpose - is it for training, tethering or walking? Here are some important considerations when choosing a dog leash:

- Leash size and material. For small dogs, our 3-meter Flexi Classic Cord Retractable Leash is perfect for pets up to 8kg, while the 5-meter Flexi Comfort Tape Retracable Leash is great for larger dogs. Retractable leashes provide room to roam and sniff, but should be used with care in busy areas.

- Usage. Check out the Australian Made Black Dog Smart Lead for a real work-horse leash with multiple uses. It can be used as a training lead, hands-free lead or a tether (just clip it around a post). Machine washable keeps it looking like new for many years. The EzyDog Soft Trainer Leash is made of double density nylon making it very easy to clean and has reflective trim making it perfect for night time safety walks.

What is a lead for a dog?

A dog lead, also called dog leash, is an absolute must for every dog owner. From training your puppy, to taking your adult dog out for a long walk, a dog leash is an absolutely indispensable tool. Consider the length and material of the leash when making your selection to make this tool a useful and essential part of your dogs daily life.

Should dogs be on leashes?

Most parts of Australia require all dogs to be on leash in public places except for designated off-leash areas. It is important to make sure your dog is on leash when on public property to ensure your pet's and everyone's safety. Investing some time and effort in training your dog to walk and behave politely on a leash can make both of your lives a lot more pleasant.