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Chocolate: Deadly For Dogs!

With Easter just around the corner it's a good time to remind everyone about how dangerous chocolate is for dog's. Chances are you have heard that chocolate can kill dog's and it’s not just an old wives tale, it is a fact! But why is chocolate so dangerous for dog's?

Chocolate contains Theobromine and Caffeine both which are dangerous to dogs. The severity of the chocolate poisoning will depend on the type of chocolate eaten, the amount eaten and the size/weight of the dog.

Symptoms of chocolate toxicity in dogs can start anywhere from 4 - 24 hours after ingestion and last for upwards of 72 hours. Signs that your dog may be suffering from chocolate toxicity include; restlessness, excitement, vomiting, diarrhoea, trembling, elevated heart rate, seizures and possible death.

Find out more about how much chocolate is dangerous for dogs, symptoms of poisoning and how chocolate toxicity is treated in the vet-n-pet DIRECT Blog.