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Stop those blood sucking ticks & fleas!

It’s Springtime, so this season don’t forget to treat and prevent those nasties that affect our pets.

Flea infestations can have a detrimental affect on your pets health. Apart from being unbearably itchy the constant biting and rubbing can cause flea allergy dermatitis, broken skin and infections. A severe flea or tick infestation can cause a pet to become anaemic and very ill.  The paralysis tick can be very dangerous when it attaches to a dog or cat. It affects the nervous system and causes paralysis, which if left untreated it can quickly lead to death.

So what should you use to control these parasites?

There are spot-ons, powders, shampoos, sprays, tablets, chews and collars. All of these products work in a different way to eradicate or prevent fleas or ticks.  With so many products on the market the decision can sometimes be a bit confusing and overwhelming on what to use.

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