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Ziwi Peak Deer Shank Canine Oral Healthcare Chew

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Ziwi Peak Oral Health Chews come straight from selected, green New Zealand pastures. They're brilliant for the long-term health of your dog's teeth and gums.

ZiwiPeak Deer Shanks are shank bones sourced from New Zealand deer raised on grass-fed pastures.

ZiwiPeak have taken the shank bone, which is full of nutrients and marrow, and wrapped a beef esophagus over the top. The bone is then naturally air dried to retain its goodness in a shelf-stable form. They're long-lasting and dogs go crazy for them.

Available as half or full shank.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jenny (Sydney, AU)
Ziwi Deer Shanks caused Colitis in my Dog

The Ziwi deer shanks inflamed my dogs colon and he ended up with colitis. I gave him 1 bone 1 week and ended up at the vets. After taking a probiotic and being on a single protein diet for 2 weeks he was back to his normal self. After another week, I tried him with another Ziwi deer shank to determine if that was what caused the reaction. He had the same reaction as the first time. I definitely will not be giving them to him again.

Natalie Lewis-Grofski (Brisbane, AU)
Excellent product!

I tried this for my blue heeler who is unable to eat raw food or bones due to severe allergies. Thanks to the Ziwi Peak products, he can now eat excellent quality pure meat based food that doesn’t contain cereal fillers or other ingredients that may cause his allergies to flare up. I was concerned for his teeth with him not being able to chew raw bones, so this has been life changing for him!

John Burrough (Clyde, AU)
Dog lived this

Our dog really enjoyed removing the esophagus coating on the first day. She then had fun chewing on the bone for another couple of days.