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Dog Ramps & Pet Stairs

One small step for man, one giant leap for your furry friend. Make your pet's life a little easier with a dog ramp or pet stairs from vet-n-pet DIRECT. A pet ramp is perfect to help your dog reach their bed, get in and out of the car, conquer a flight of stairs or exit the swimming pool.

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Are dog ramps better than stairs?

For older dogs or pets suffering with joint pain, a dog ramp is an excellent alternative to stairs to make it easier for your pet to navigate your home. Using a dog ramp for bed access can also be a handy idea for smaller dogs to prevent potentially dangerous leaps.

What are the benefits of using pet stairs?

The biggest benefit of using pet stairs is reducing the risk of injury by creating a more accessible environment for your pet. When dogs make large jumps up onto or down off furniture, there is the potential for them to injure themselves. Using dog stairs prevents this risk and may even be necessary for some dogs with sensitive joints to give them the full enjoyment of sharing your home.

When should I use a dog ramp?

If your dog is showing hesitation in moving up or down any stairs of furniture, this shows that it may be more than your pet is comfortable with and using a dog ramp could be beneficial. Using a dog ramp will help to prevent joint injury as your dog moves around the home. If your pet already has joint issues, using dog ramps is highly recommended to reduce their pain and maintain mobility.

Dog ramps are also very practical for smaller dogs trying to navigate a giant world we humans live in.

Where should I use a dog ramp?

A dog ramp can be used anywhere your dog struggles to comfortably get where they need to go. It is common to use a dog ramp for the car as the height can often be a bit too much for your dog to leap up or down. Similarly, a dog ramp for stairs in your home can be useful if your dog has sore joints or is too small to navigate the stairs safely.

Anywhere that your dog cannot comfortably access the furniture they should be able to access is the perfect place to be using a pet ramp.