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Horse Fly Repellants & Sprays

Our range of fly repellents and sprays for horses will keep your horse protected from insects. At vet-n-pet DIRECT we have a range of fly sprays, flyveils, creams and both wipe-on and pour-on insecticides to keep your horse comfortable and safe.

How do I stop flies from biting my horses?

There are a number of ways to protect your horse from unwelcome insects. We carry a range of fly spray for horses as well as pour-on repellents which can be applied topically to keep pests away. Fly masks and flyveils are another cost-effective and popular method of keeping flies and insects off your horse’s face and out of their eyes.

Why is it important to keep flies off my horses?

Flies are excellent spreaders of bacteria and they tend to gather around your horse’s eyes or open wounds. To avoid spreading bacteria to these sensitive areas, suitable fly repellent for horses should be used. You may also notice your horse stomping their legs in an attempt to shoo away insects that are bothering them, a behaviour can put horses at risk of injuring their legs and increase their anxiety levels.

How do I apply fly repellent for horses?

Different repellents are available with different application processes. These include horse fly spray, sticky ribbons for use in the stable, creams, lotions or pour-on insecticides. Choose a repellent that suits you and your horse. Many horses are wary of sprays. However, patience in building their confidence with fly spray can pay off over the long term.

What’s the best fly spray for horses in Australia?

The best fly spray for horses in Australia include Flygon, Absorbine UltraShield and Swat Insecticide for horses.

How often should I apply horse fly spray?

Always check the directions included with your chosen repellent for recommended application intervals. Remember that some products will require more frequent reapplication than others, especially in extreme weather conditions such as hot weather where your horse is sweating more.

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