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Dog Cat & Pet Doors

A dog door or cat door gives your pet the freedom to roam between rooms or their next outside adventure. With various latching mechanisms and even microchip pet door access, there is a pet door to suit every pet! Find your new doggy door here at vet-n-pet DIRECT.

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What is a microchip pet door?

A microchip pet door gives your pet unique access to your home via their ID microchip, keeping out unwanted visitors. Doors such as the Sureflap Microchip pet door will store the details of multiple pets and can also be used with an RFID collar for cats or dogs that aren't microchipped. If you're looking for a way to keep wild animals and stray pets out whilst letting your four-legged family member in, a microchip dog door is the answer.

What is the best pet door?

The pet door that will be best for you and your pet comes down to a number of factors. The first thing to consider is what pet you have and their size. While cats and small dogs may only require a small pet door, many breeds of dogs may require a large pet door. The next factor is what material you'll be mounting the doggy door or cat door in. Some pet doors are designed to work with a specific material, whether that be a glass pet door, a dog door for wooden doors or one suited to aluminium screen doors. Finally, you'll need to decide what features you'd like you pet door to have, such as lockability or microchip controlled access.

Can you install pet doors in glass?

We stock a range of pet flaps for different applications, including dog and cat flaps for glass doors. Dog flaps for glass doors are designed differently to other pet flaps to be specifically mounted in glass. Installation of glass pet doors will require the consultation of a qualified glazier as it typically involves cutting of glass, making the process a little more difficult than the installation of standard pet doors.

Are pet doors safe?

A common concern with cat door and doggy door installations is whether it presents a security concern. Most pet doors available feature a locking mechanism to keep it secure, just like an ordinary door. Another option for those seeking more security would be a microchip pet door, which only allows your own pet to enter.