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First Aid Supplies for Pets & Livestock

Whether you are creating a first aid kit for your horses or pets or are a vet looking to stock up on medical supplies, vet-n-pet DIRECT have a large range of first aid supplies for both pets and livestock. Shop our range of disposable syringes, bandages, antibacterial spray, gauze swabs, surgical tape, scalpels and more.

Pet first aid kit

A first aid kit is essential for any home, but have you ever thought to put together one for your pets? While we always recommend seeking professional vet treatment if your pets get hurt, you need to be prepared for emergencies and keep a pet first aid handy.

What should be in a pet first aid kit?

There are a few essentials that you should include in your pet first aid kit including a general purpose wound spray, non-stick wound dressing, a cohesive bandage (or a few if you have horses!), elastic adhesive bandages, bandage scissors and some disposable gloves. A few empty syringes may also be helpful for flushing debris from wounds.

Can you use human bandages on dogs?

You can use human marketed bandages on your dog, however you should never use any liquid bandages on a pet’s injury. Whenever possible we recommend using products approved for veterinary use with your pets. Cohesive bandages such as GMV Medi-Vet Wrap Cohesive Hand Tearable Bandage are indispensable in any pet or horse owner first aid kit.

How do I deal with Proud Flesh on my Horses Leg?

Products such as Yellow Lotion or Proud Aid can be useful in the management of proud flesh. However, if proud flesh has already formed a veterinarian may be required to cut the excessive raised tissue off. For more tips on managing proud flesh please visit our article here: Proud Flesh