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Yellow Lotion

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• Rapidly dries to protect wounds.

• Potent antibacterial activity.

• No added pharmaceutical drugs.

• Significantly reduces proud flesh.

• Acts under bandage or simply sprayed on the wound.


• Reduces discharge, reduces scab formation, soothes open wounds.

• Controls infections in skin wounds.

• Protects and dries skin wounds encouraging healing.

• Does not accumulate dirt and debris.

• Useful for both immediate first aid and long term treatment.

• Does not contravene racing regulations.

• Effective first aid treatment for burns, girth galls, inflamed bruise and sprains in addition to abrasions, open wounds and proud flesh.

Pack Sizes: 500mL, 1L

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ma Jasmine S Oporto (Taguig, PH)
Yellow lotion

Very useful meds to have. A big user/fan

Wendy Stevens
My wound healing go-to

Great product - Have used on dozens of horse injuries over the years - some really bad ones - Its great. Kind of magic really. It's very soothing and astringent - you can tell they are more comfortable after application. It seems to quickly clean up the wound, speeds up healing and minimizes proud flesh very effectively. I normally use it under bandages/dressings if possible or just without 2-3 times a day if not.

Useful and effective

Used this on my horse's sliced heel. Due to location was unable to bandage so needed something to prevent proud flesh and heal the wound. Found this product up to the task and easy to use. Heel is healing well and without infection. Like that I can use the product long-term, as the healing process has been slow but definitely getting there.

Aunty Wendy
Yellow Lotion

Used on a horse that wound was not healing. Proud flesh was forming. Used twice a day on the wound and the healing being promoted is awesome.