Veterinary Diets for Dogs

Discover our selection of Veterinary Diets for Dogs, including Prescription Diets., expertly formulated to address specific health needs such as kidney disease, allergies, weight management, digestive issues, and more. Keep in mind that you should seek advice from your pets veterinarian before starting your dog on a Veterinary Diet.


What are Veterinary Diets for Dogs?

Veterinary diets for dogs are specially formulated nutritional plans recommended by veterinarians to address specific health conditions or dietary needs in dogs. These diets often contain precise combinations of ingredients tailored to manage or support conditions such as obesity, gastrointestinal issues, kidney disease, allergies, joint problems, urinary tract health, and dental health. Veterinary diets may come in various forms such as dry kibble, canned food, or prescription treats, and they typically require a veterinarian's approval and supervision for proper usage.

What are Prescription Diets for Dogs?

Prescription diets are specifically formulated to address medical conditions or health concerns in pets and should only be used veterinarian supervision. They may contain therapeutic levels of certain nutrients or ingredients to manage conditions such as obesity, kidney disease, allergies, or urinary tract issues. They are often used in combination with medications to manage health conditions.

Can I just start feeding my dog a Prescription Diet?

Prescription diets should not be fed to your dog unless you have received specific directions, and a diagnosis, from a veterinarian. It is also important that your dog receives ongoing veterinary supervision to ensure proper usage and effectiveness in supporting your dog's health.