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Cat Harness, Cat Collars & Cat Leashes

Keep your cat safe and stylish with our range of cat collars. Explore the outdoors without disturbing the wildlife using a cat harness and cat leash from vet-n-pet DIRECT

Should I use a cat harness or cat collar with a leash?

When taking your cat outside on a leash, it is always recommended to use a cat harness rather than a collar. While a cat collar is an essential item to identify your cat, using a cat harness and leash reduces the chance of injury if your cat pulls at the leash and is also more secure than a collar, which your cat may escape from.

Is a cat harness dangerous?

A cat harness is the safest option when using a cat lead, as it secures around your cat's body to hold them snug without the risk of injury. It is particularly important to use a kitten harness and lead with small and young felines as their bodies are particularly fragile. A cat harness should never be left on your cat whilst they are unattended.

What is a cat safety collar?

Cat collars are an essential item for all cats as they make it possible for the cat to carry tags for identification as well as being a fashion statement to express your cat's personality. A cat safety collar has the added benefit of being designed to break away if your cat gets their collar caught on something when exploring. This can help to prevent injury to your cat and prevent them becoming stuck in a dangerous situation.

Choosing a cat collar with a bell also has the added safety benefit of alerting any unsuspecting wildlife that your cat may be trying to sneak up on them.