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Milbemax Broad Spectrum Wormer for Cats

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Milbemax Broad Spectrum Wormer for Cats - Value Bundle

MILBEMAX is the only broad-spectrum wormer that protects against heartworm in addition to roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm in a single dose. 

MILBEMAX combines ease of use and broad-spectrum protection to create a safe, highly effective medicine. 

MILBEMAX tablets are also smaller and easier to dose than other worming tablets.

Available in Small Cat (1 tablet treats cats up to 2kg (4.4lb)) or Large Cat (1 tablet treats cats 2kg-8kg (4.4-17.6lb)). 
Safe for use in cats and kittens 0.5 kg and above

PACK SIZE: 2 tablets or a box of 20 tablets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Malgosh (Sydney, AU)
Favourite worming tablets

These are my favourite worming tablets because they are very small and coated so I can put them in a little ball of meat for the cats and they don’t even notice it’s there, so they don’t have to be tableted.

Jill D (Melbourne, AU)
Milbemax Dog & Cat

I have used Milbemax for my dog and cat worming for many years and have been very happy with the product. The cat tablets are particularly easy to administer as the tablet is small and slides down really easily. I have never seen any adverse affects from the medication in my cat or dog. I like the price at Vetnpetdirect as it is much cheaper than buying from the vet or pet store and their delivery is fast. A nice addition is the little pet info book that came with the delivery, it's most informative.

Peter Rutherford (Ivanhoe, AU)
Milbermax for Cats

Have been using this worming product on the advice of the local vet for some time now. Reason I buy from online supplier is that is $4-$5 cheaper than the vet. Money is better in my pocket than theirs.
Have had no adverse effects to the cats when administered. Needs to be done every three months though which can get expensive.

Great Product

Nice small tablet easy to dose

Great value

Brilliant value compared to pet stores or vets.