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Cat Flea & Tick Control Products

Our range of quality flea and tick treatment products are used to prevent and treat flea and tick infestation on your cats and kittens. We have a large variety of flea and tick treatment options available including preventative flea collars, chewables, tablets, spot-ons, shampoos and sprays. No matter what stage of life your cat or kitten is in, you can find the right product at vet-n-pet DIRECT to keep your beloved pets free of fleas and ticks.

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Flea Treatment for Cats

How to get rid of fleas on cats?

Cats and kittens need to be regularly treated for both fleas and ticks to prevent an infestation. Often you will not be able to see the full extent of a flea infestation as flea eggs hide in and around your pet’s beds, household furniture, and even your carpet.
You can use effective flea treatments like Bravecto Spot On, Seresto Collars and Revolution Plus to both treat pre-existing flea infestations and as a prevention method.

How can you prevent fleas on cats?

You can prevent your cat from getting fleas by regularly keeping up with flea treatments. Cleaning the areas where your cat hangs out can also help kill fleas and their eggs.

How to get rid of fleas in your home?

While flea treatments are essential to controlling a flea infestation, you may need to do more. If you can still see fleas on your cat after a treatment, you will need to treat and clean your pet’s environment. Clean all of your pet’s bedding and toys in a hot wash and use a flea powder like Aristopet Flea Powder on their bedding, floors and any other places they frequently visit.

What is the safest flea control for cats?

It is important that you use cat specific flea treatments for your cat, as some ingredients in dog flea treatments may be toxic to cats. Flea treatments that contain pyrethrin or natural pyrethrum are safe for cats and are found in many of our flea control products.

Tick Treatment for Cats

How to tell if your cat has ticks?

If your cat has ticks, you most likely will be able to spot them. However you should still manually check your cat for ticks, particularly in tick prone areas, by running your fingers systematically through your cat’s fur and feeling the skin. Take particular care around the head, neck and feet and any folds of skin.

What is the best tick treatment for cats?

The best tick treatment is the one that you actually apply! Purchasing a tick treatment and then forgetting to apply it happens only too frequently, and sometimes with devastating results. In terms of active ingredients, there are constantly new products being developed which are rigorously tested and have wide safety margins for use on your pets. They also may only need to be applied every few weeks or months instead of every few days. Make sure you check the usage instructions carefully. Our top tick treatments for cats include Bravecto’s range of Spot-ons, NexGard Spectra Spot-On for Cats and Frontline Spray. For a more natural approach you can try diatomaceous earth such as that offered in Pawesome Organics DErt Control.