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About Us

A life without pets is a life less lived. 🐾

For the real About Us story read on. For the corporate fluff, keep scrolling down the page!🤓

vet-n-pet DIRECT wasn't born in a corporate boardroom, worrying about shareholders or profit margins. It was born through necessity, way back in 2005 in a small rural dwelling on the outskirts of Brisbane, Qld, Australia. Belinda (an agricultural scientist) & Glenn (a veterinarian) were, like most people, busy and struggling to find the time to fit everything in. A house and farm full of animals meant there were always things that needed to be bought for the animals and the hassle of driving around multiple stores to get what they needed (and often not finding it!) was time not being well spent. With their connections to the veterinary wholesale industry and some internet experience behind them, vet-n-pet DIRECT was born (albeit on the back of a dial-up internet connection!).

Pictured below are some of our early mail order catalogue advertisements (2006 Qld Country Life, 2007 Qld Country Life, and one of our first in-house catalogues 2008). Compare now with our beautiful myPet Magazine that ships free with every order!

Early ad - 2007 Qld Country Life Christmas Shopper Mail Order Catalogue    One of our first catalogues - 2008   Early advertisement - 2006 Qld Country Life Mid Year Shopper


Even back in 2005 the internet was a place to tread with caution, with many fly-by-night operations popping up and then disappearing again. Many offered cheap prices, with even cheaper service. The vet-n-pet charter back then, and to this day, is to bring honesty and integrity to the internet.

It was also the days when some manufacturers thought the rise of the internet was evil and only going to be short lived and we received numerous (nasty) letters requesting that their products not be sold online. Those letters were from some of the biggest brand names in the pet and vet supplies industry as they sought to control the retail landscape. This is one of the reasons vet-n-pet DIRECT has remained loyal to smaller, lesser known brands. We want to allow customers to exercise their own choice, without being railroaded by corporate greed.

Belinda and Glenn are still involved in background of the business today (and still have a large assortment of animals - once a pet lover always a pet lover 😉), but none of it would be possible without a very loyal and hardworking team beside them. Most of our staff have been with us for several years. We promote a pet friendly workplace, provide generous staff discounts and generally encourage our staff to indulge in their pet passions 😍

We are often asked why we don't relocate in to the city to enhance logistics (and our bottom line 💲). But it would mean our staff would have to do the dreaded city commute and it would also take away jobs from the rural community. At the end of the day, everything isn't about dollars and cents. You need to be good people and operate with a conscience too.


These are (some) of the vet-n-pet team pets 😊

The Pets of vet-n-pet


The Official Stuff!

Company Overview

Established in 2005, vet-n-pet DIRECT is proudly an Australian owned & operated family business. It has long been a trusted and recognisable brand in the online retail landscape. As one of the pioneers in the pet and veterinary supplies category on the Internet, we remain at the forefront with experience, exuberance and an unrelenting pursuit for customer satisfaction as our driving force.

The company has grown rapidly and today we serve our vast customer base from our warehouse located on the southern outskirts of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

We aim to provide a one-stop shop for all veterinary and other animal health care needs. We stock all the major brands, plus many generics and our buyers are constantly sourcing new and exciting products from around the world to ensure one of the largest and most comprehensive pet product offerings available on the web.


Our Mission

To assist all pet owners and those in animal related industries provide the highest level of care to their pets and livestock, regardless of location; and facilitate active enjoyment of their pet and animal owning lifestyles.


Our Core Values

  • Providing the personal touch
  • Honesty, reliability and integrity
  • Pets are our passion
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Proud to be professionals and specialists in our field


Our Staff

All of our customer service staff are also qualified vet nurses; therefore we have the knowledge and experience to be able to offer reliable and informed advice to our customers. We also have an extensive Help Centre that offers access to a 24/7 Knowledge Base, Articles & answers to FAQs.

In addition to a wealth of speciality knowledge, our staff are also very much pet lovers and pet owners too - its a prerequisite for working here. We have staff involved in dog shows and obedience, equestrian competition, charity events and of course just the regular pet lovers who treat their furred, feathered or scaled kids like one of the family.


Like to know more?

If you would like to find out more, please feel free to visit our Help Centre or contact us:



Australian customers: 1300 726 966 (local call cost) or 07 31038116

International Customers: +61 7 3103 8116


07 3337 9777



Warehouse & Postal Address:

10-12 Paul Court



Australian Owned & Operated Family Business since 2005

ABN: 76 851 238 708

ACN: 120 299 916