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Dog Muzzles

Dog muzzles can serve a variety of purposes, from preventing biting during training or grooming, to discouraging your dog from scavenging on walks, to allowing Vets to safely do a medical exam your dog. vet-n-pet DIRECT stock a variety of muzzles including basket muzzles, plastic muzzles, wire muzzles, soft sleeve nylon muzzles and more. Find the best muzzle for your dog today.

There are several types of dog muzzles available for purchase at vet-n-pet DIRECT including:

Basket muzzle:

Basket muzzles such as the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle are the best all-around muzzle for protection, fit and training. They allow dogs the freedom to pant and drink if fitted correctly. This is also the best muzzle for dogs that require a muzzle while at a park or other outdoor activities. Basket muzzles can come in a variety of materials including plastic, leather and wire.

Soft sleeve muzzle:

A soft muzzle or fabric muzzle works well for short-term needs, such as a vet or grooming visit. These should not be used for training or everyday use as they may restrict dogs from panting. A popular example of a sleeve muzzle is the Henry Schein Nylon Muzzle.

Short-snout muzzle:

Short-snout muzzle are the perfect muzzle for small dog breeds including boxers, pugs, French bulldogs and other short snouted dogs.