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Dog Toys - Treat Toys & Dispensers

Explore our collection of Dog Treat Toys and Dispensers, designed to provide enrichment and delight your furry companion. From puzzle feeders to durable chew toys, enhance playtime and treat time with our diverse selection, tailored for every pup's enjoyment.

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What are the benefits of treat toys?

Treat toys offer numerous benefits for dogs, including mental stimulation, alleviation of boredom, promotion of physical activity and exercise, improvement of dental health through chewing, reinforcement of positive behavior through rewards, and enhancement of the bond between dogs and their owners through interactive play.

What treat toy should I pick for my dog?

The best treat toy for your dog depends on factors such as their size, age, personality, chewing habits, and preferences. Consider options like puzzle feeders for mental stimulation, durable rubber toys for heavy chewers, plush toys for gentler play, or interactive electronic dispensers for tech-savvy pups. Ultimately, choose a treat toy that matches your dog's needs and engages them effectively during playtime.

What treats should I use in treat toys?

The best treats for treat toys are ones that fit securely inside the toy and are enticing to your dog. Generally, small-sized treats that can be easily dispensed or hidden within the toy work well. You could try CLEAR Dog Treats Fish Training Bites or KONG Farmyard Friends Treats or even your dogs dry food kibble. Treats with strong aromas or flavours like Liver Jerky can also be more enticing for your dog and motivate them to engage with the toy. Doggy safe butters or spreads are great to fill treat toys with larger holes or grooves that your dog can lick clean, we love the Doggylicious range of flavoured butters. Experiment with different types to see what your dog enjoys most and what works best with the specific treat toy you have.