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Tick Twister - For tick removal on animals and people

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The Tick-Twister allows tick removal from the skin of animals and people.

Available in a two pack (the large hook for the medium and large ticks, the small hook for small and very small ticks), and are an efficient tool to remove all ticks, of any size and in any location. The Tick-Twister does not leave the mouth-parts of the tick implanted in the skin, nor does it compress the abdomen of the ticks. The Tick-Twister removes ticks in a few seconds, without pain.

Customer Reviews

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Annette (Bogangar, AU)
Absolute Essential for everyone living in tick country!!!

We were given these as gift many years ago, we thought it was a joke it kinda looked like a toy, till my husband got a tick, I read the instruction and thought why not give it a go. well how simple that was, scooped the tick up and gave a twist and out he came, head and all. I have removed many many tick since then mostly from my husband, who I've loving named a tick magnet... a few from friends and the dogs, I recently removed a tick from one of our chickens wattle the red fleshly bit on her face, made it so easy and she was fine. I have purchased a few more of these since then as gift for others. great tool that is an absolute essential for everyone living in tick country... the purchase was simple and easy from " Vetnpetdirect" the postage was really quick. thank you !!!

Tracy Sowry (Canberra, AU)
Essential For All

I recently had a tick on my body and thanks to tick twister I had no medical problems or stress, so easy to use

Murph's Mom
A Must Have

Introduced to the twister late one night at a 24 hr emergency vet centre when we couldn't remove a paralysis tick from our 12 week old spoodle pup's arm pit. Highly recommended to dog owners, a quick, easy and well designed tool to have on hand. Extremely well priced at Vet N Med.

Great product, easy to use

easy to use

Sid's Human
Easy way to remove ticks

Anyone who has to deal with ticks should have one of these. It's so easy to hook under the tick & twist it out, plus my kitty hardly notices.