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PAW Manuka Wound Gel

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PAW Manuka Wound Gel is ideal for non healing and chronic wounds, traumatic, acute and surgical wounds, malodorous and sloughy wounds, burns and as a general first aid.

Unfortunately, at some stage, most pets whether a cat, a dog or a horse will aquire a wound (abrasion, puncture, laceration, burn). Proper wound management is essential to ensure proper healing and overall health and wellbeing of the animal. Honey, and more specifically Manuka honey has been used for centuries to treat wounds on animals and has great properties to help support good wound management.

Features & Benefits of PAW Manuka Wound Gel:
  • Sterile wound dressing made from 80% Manuka honey.
  • Natural nourishing oil for additional protection and to reduce stinging associated with pure honey.
  • Helps maintain natural wound pH.
  • Reduces and prevents contamination, external bacteria colonisation and infection.
  • Non adherent helping reduce trauma at dressing change.
  • Removes malodour.
  • May assist in removal of slough and necrotic tissue.
  • Safe if accidentally licked by the animal.

Should be used liberally & can be applied either directly to the wound or to a suitable dressing. The frequency of changing required will depend on clinical circumstances and can vary from more than once per day for draining wounds to up to 7 days for unsoiled dressings.

SIZES: 25g; 100g. Each tube comes packed in a small box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
S. (Melbourne, AU)

Healed the wound in a day with this item. Highly recommend

Helen Wilson (Brisbane, AU)

Used this product to help heal a wound on our dogs nose, excellent but he did need a collar to stop him licking it off as it obviously tastes good.

Jean Batchelor (Campsie, AU)
Thankyou from Kev the horse.

The honey has kept my horse's nasty gappy fetlock wound on track. I credit it with keeping the wound infection free.

1st purchase

my vet told me of medication to buy and found you on line all excellent only reason u lost a star is the time to receive was a little excessive but in all great

Effective Product!

My dog injured herself in the lips and left cheeks while eating bones, since she can lick easily the open wounds I needed something that is safe and effective. I tried other products but that the wounds got worse plus I feel the ingridients are too strong and harsh. I used the product as soon as I received it. My dog didn't show any signs of discomfort while I apply it unlike the previous ones. I apply it 2x a day and after 2 days the wounds started to dry, they healed quickly soon after that. To be honest I wasn't sure that this product was going to work as my dog likes the taste and licks it. One day when I stopped applying it as the wounds were healed, my dog came into the living room with the tube in her mouth and gave it to me... She was reminding me to apply it on her :-)