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Go Cat Da Purr Peller

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
YLS (Perth, AU)
My Mainecoon kitten loves this

We always used the pull apart one but tried this over Christmas with the kitten. For Mainecoons I’d say the rod is a little short. But the flow of the helicopter feathers is a little different and drives them just as crazy. Longer Rod would make it better to swing about.

Felicity H. (Brisbane, AU)
Lives up to the tagline

Genuinely the best-crafted, most enjoyable cat toy I've ever encountered. My cats are obsessed. My 7yo cat who normally disregards toys is playing like she's a kitten again. Both cats are bonding over it and working together to sneak it out of the drawer when not in use. Best toy ever - really.

Very high quality materials - the use of metal string means better control and more likely to last. The propeller is already a bit battered, but replacements are sold (and you could potentially just replace with new feathers). Love the detachable heads though, so you can swap attachments - I'm going to buy others in the range too. I've never encountered such a well-made, well thought cat toy range before.

Tina S. (Melbourne, AU)
My cat loves this

She goes insane when I pull this out. Funny thing is she is not big into toys, but she can’t control herself. She loves feathers and can become mystified watching the twirling action. She actually will try to catch this one. My cat enjoys it 100%

KazBe (Sydney, AU)
Hands down the toy they love the best

Both 4 year old cats enjoy leaping and running to catch this. It gives them plenty of exercise in a short time. They like da Bird and the laser pointer but they love this. Unfortunately, they do destroy the feathers fairly quickly so I have to stock up.

Sophie (Perth, AU)
Cats love it!

But they love it so much, that they are quite quick to destroy the feathers lol