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Profender Spot-On Allwormer for Cats 2's

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Profender is a very effective spot-on Allwormer that kills every type of intestinal worm in cats. A single spot-on dose applied to the back of the cats neck will eliminate larval and adult stages of hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms.

Used every 3 months, Profender treats lungworm and protects your cat and your family from gastrointestinal worms.

Profender kills all infective stages of roundworms, hookworm and tapeworm all with one easy spot-on treatment so you don't have to endure the trauma of tableting.

While Profender is tough on worms, it's gentle on your cat. It's safe for kittens after 8 weeks of age and can be used during pregnancy and lactaction.

Medium cats 2.5kg to 5kg: 2 pack
Large cats 5kg to 8kg: 2 pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
John Burrough (Clyde, AU)

Use this as it is a lot easier than trying to get our cat to take a tablet.

Sneaky Snake
Easy way to worm

I have 7 cats. Giving them all pills was a nightmare. I can give them the drops on the back of their necks with ease . It works as well or better than the pills , I buy from the vet.

The Cat Lover
Good easy to use product

I don't like giving my dogs and cats all year round flea treatment. But for my cats this was necessary due to the worming component as tablets were very hard to administer. This spot on worming product is fantastic and very easy to use and lasts for 3 months.

simple and effective

My current cat still detests the treatment, but hate to think how much worse it would be if I tried to use tablets or paste...for both of us! Previous pets have not objected at all to the spot-on.

Great product and so easy to use!

This is a great product and so easy to use. No more fights with the cats every 3 months, I just squeeze it on when they're eating :)