PAW DigestiCare Multistrain Probiotic 150g

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zoie b. (Palm Beach, AU)
paw digesticare

not to bad at all did help pups tummy

Deb (Balwyn North, AU)

Lily and Mortisha are elderly miniature daschunds. We had nasty tar like stools over the backyard & took our little old ladies off to the vet to confirm that there was nothing sinister going on, so after seeing this stuff online decided to try it. It was a good decision, it worked well for our girls and stools are now well formed and way easier to clean up. At first we experimented and we took them off it for a while and back on to confirm it was working and not coincidence. Not a coincidence, it worked for them. Another benif is that it does not turn out EXTREMELY fussy eaters off either and we have at times, simply sprinkled it over their food. I would advise keeping it in your fridge once you have opened it. Good luck folkes and give your fur babies a hug from me😉

Stress Colitis

My name is Louis and I am a miniature poodle. I get very anxious when we travel and end up with diarrhoea when we go on our trips in the van......pretty inconvenient for everyone, I must admit. She who-must-be-obeyed read that Probiotics along with an increase in fibre can sometimes help with stress colitis. So on our last trip, as well as slightly increasing my veggies, she gave me the recommended dose of PAWS Probiotic and a small amount of unflavoured soluble fibre. Although not completely removing the problem, I certainly was a much happier camper......and so was she!