Equest Plus Tape Bucket (50)


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2 reviews


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From Victoria, Australia

I use this product for young foals to older horses and find it easy to apply with rarely any wastage. I may be dosing over 40 equine at a time so I am thrilled with the success and ease of using it. The syringe is small and narrow so slips easily into foal mouths, unlike some of the larger tubes. I have small hands and I can use it easily - many of the other wormers are big and clumsy. The gel consistency means not likely to dribble back out - or gush and splatter all over you as has happened with some others! The formula of Moxidectin is the one i trust most on the market today, effective for parasite control and long lasting so economical, reduces labour time and if timed correctly reduces needless exposure to chemicals and the risk of parasites developing immunity.

Good value and convenient

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From Western Australia

Good value and long lasting wormers.